Rajanukul Institute is a leading origination in intellectual development in ASIAN, as we are
1. Being a national regulator and policy advocacy in areas of intellectual development
2. Being a learning center for intellectual development in ASIAN
3. Being an academic resources and objective evidences for improving cognitive ability

1. Being an expert center of intellectual development in ASIAN.
2. Providing a holistic mental health services at supra-tertiary care level.
3. Developing mental health care units for mental health promotion and prevention for preschool children, school age, teennagers and individuals with disabilities including intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorder.

Focusing on developing standardized services, being a teamwork, adhering moral principles and aiming to become an excellence.

Strategic issues
1. Enhancing Rajanukul Institute to be well accepted in the fileld of intellectual disability in ASIAN.
2. Enhancing an expert center of mental health care services for child and adolescents.
3. Enhancing mental health care network for mental health  promotion and prevention for preschool, school age children, teenagers and individual with disabilities, including intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder.
4. Enhancing the quality of management system to meet criterias of good governance standard.


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