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A team of medical doctors (child and adolescent psychiatrists and pediatricians) specialized in child development field are stationed at the OPD of Rajanukul Institute to provide services to the children with intellectual disabilities as well as learning, behavioral or emotional problems. The services are divided into OPD Clinic and Special Clinic Services. OPD Clinic Services OPD Clinic provides diagnosis and treatment for patients with intellectual disabilities, mental health or psychiatric problems, from birth through 18 years of age. Acupuncture Clinic: this clinic offers services for intellectually disabled people who need acupuncture treatment and have passed the evaluation required for this treatment by a specialist in acupuncture. Down syndrome Clinic: provides services for developmental and intellectual impairments associated with Down syndrome patients.
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Preparations for Getting Services: New patients should prepare following documents before receiving services: A copy of birth certificate A copy of house registration certificate A copy of identification card (national ID card) Name change / surname change document (if any) A copy of parent’s identification card Note:Time to submit the documents: 8 am – 10 am, Monday – Friday Patients who need special clinic services:Parents, whose children may require special clinic services, must bring them to a medical doctor at OPD Clinic for an evaluation first, and they must pass it prior to being referred to special clinic.
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Provide early intervention services to children with delayed development and cerebral palsy. The goal is to promote child development and nurture their ability to live according to their potential by offering individual and group activities including environmental and material management activities suitable for them. In this regard, care is focused on 5 important areas, namely child development, health and nutritional status, social performance, school preparation and parenting education.
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This ward is responsible for providing care to children with intellectual disabilities, Down syndrome and cerebral palsy, aged 6 – 18 years of age. The care focuses on improving their health and nutritional status, reducing behavior problems, enhancing social skills, and preparing them for adolescence.Moreover the parents are encouraged to educate themselves and participate in various child activities, so that they can teach their children continuously at home.
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Offering two programs: Infant program – is for children with delayed development aged 1 year through 1 year 6 months. The emphasis is given on early intervention activities for their better development and also to encourage them to take care of themselves in their daily life according to their age. The early intervention activities are geared towards improving gross motor and fine motor skills and speech preparation. It also enhances their daily living skills (e.g. picking up items). By focusing on parenting education, parents gain knowledge, skills and have confidence to teach their child continuously at home. Parents can also participate in child activities throughout the entire period. Down syndrome program – this program is for children with Down syndrome to improve their developmental skills and help them live independently according to their potential.
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Offering two programs: Intensive Autistic Program – The program provides early intervention services for children with autism aged one and a half years through 5 years old in order for them to be able to live with others in society, and also educates the parents and helps increase their skills to take care of their children with autism well. This program is designed for both children and parents, and it aims to improve health and nutritional status of children, reduce their behavior problems, enhance daily living skills, self-control, emotional and social development skills, and help prepare them for school through various activities, such as playing, visual communication and behavior management activities, sensory stimulation, and both individual and group mental health education activities etc. Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) 1 Program - This program
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Also providing two programs: Autistic Ready to School Program (ARS Program)– This program helps autistic children aged 2-5 years to get ready to attend school. The services include social skills necessary for living with others, self-help skills, and concentration and basic learning skills. Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) 2 Program – it helps develop and improve communication skills of children with autism by using visual media learning system, starting from step 4 to step 6 (out of all 6 steps). Through this program, children develop and learn skills about making sentences, visual communication, and expressing needs and ideas step bystep.
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This ward provides two programs Intensive Autistic Program – this program aims to improve the abilities of children with autism aged 6-18 years old, so they can live with others in the family, school and community. It also focuses on improving the parent’s ability in order for them to take care of their children well through various group activities, such as visual communication, behavior and sexual problem management activities, self-help, daily living and social interaction related activities as well as preparatory activities related to their children’s journey to adolescence. Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) 3 Program – This program helps develop communication skills of children with autism aged 6-18 years old by using pictures or images as a mean of communication, so they can be able to recognize their needs and communicate it prop
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Health promotion nurses provide healthcare services to children with intellectual disabilities attending Rajanukul School, special education department, art therapy unit, as well as social welfare department (basic skills development project). The nurses assess nutritional status and congenital diseases with patient's doctor and program teachers, and also plan and monitor the evaluation of nursing care to comply with the treatment plan.
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This center provides intervention services to children with intellectual disabilities aged 1 year and 6 months through 5 years, and helps preschoolers to get ready to go to school and be able to live in the community. Moreover the families and communities will also be prepared to support the children in their families and communities.
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Provide continuous healthcare monitoring services at home and school. The services include health promotion, prevention of illness, physical and mental health rehabilitation, and management of behavior and emotional problems of children with intellectual disabilities and their families. Scope of Service Provide follow up healthcare services to people of all ages with intellectual disabilities and their families both at home and at school. And also give advices and provide information on physical and mental healthcare to people with disabilities with or without behavior problems as well as to their parents, caretakers and families. Home visit, at least once, by the nursing team, in response to patient’s health problem or by the multidisciplinary team, in case patient needs special care. Mental health promotion for family members and caretakers of people wi
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Bangpoon Rehabilitation Center offers 3 types of programs. 1. Daily Life Living Program It helps to realize the potential of intellectually disabled people, aged 15-25 years, so that they can live with others in society. Persons with intellectual disabilities receive social skills training, as well as self-help and exercise training at the center. 2. Prevocational Rehabilitation Program To assist intellectually disabled persons to get ready for their careers in arts, vocational and industrial rehabilitation fields as well as basic household chores. They participate in the following activities: Basic household tasks include cleaning, dish/glass washing, ironing, making bed etc. Examples of art rehabilitation activities are Paper Mache, Batik art/painting, stitching plant seeds on the clothes etc. Vocational rehabilitation tasks include camphor makin
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Tertiary dental care services related to oral diseases including oral health promotion, prevention of oral diseases, treatment and rehabilitation are provided to persons with intellectual disabilities.
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The pharmacy department is responsible for dispensing medications to both OPD and IPD patients as well as to the Institute’s employees and their close family members or relatives.
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The department of psychology is responsible for providing following services: Clinical psychological diagnosis, determination of intelligence level, developmental milestone, social maturity, learning disability, personality, and neuropsychological related issues. Behavior modification: provide behavior modification services by using concepts and techniques of behavioral and learning theory. Teach and demonstrate behavior modification techniques and provide psychological counseling to parents and family members, so that the clients can change their behaviors gradually and live with others in society, and also can maintain good mental health status. Psychological therapy: offer psychological therapy services to assist patients to understand and accept their own problems. So clients can then improve and change their concepts or behaviors or problem solving methods, an
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This department offers following services: 1. Social assessment and diagnosis – these are provided for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as for their family members. In addition, psychosocial evaluation and stress-tests are done for parents and they get ready to take care of their children through working together with department staff members. 2. Social work services ​2.1 Social advices and support are provided to children with intellectual and developmental disabilities and to their families in order to empower them. The concerned staff members of social welfare department also help create a positive attitude towards people with intellectual disabilities and their families by undertaking specific activities aimed at individuals, groups and communities. 2.2 Advices about laws concerning the rights of intellectually disabled peop
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This department is responsible for providing five types of sevices. Occupational Therapy – it aims to enhance following key skills of persons with intellectual disabilities: Use of hands and fine motor Sensory integration Motor control, coordination, balance and praxis Perception, cognition and social emotion Sucking, chewing and swallowing Daily occupational skills through use of assistive and adaptive devices Physiotherapy – services include evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of children with intellectual disabilities along with following problems: difficulties in motion and balancing, muscle incoordination and weakness, trouble in perceptual interpretations as well as problems in muscular, orthopedic and nervous system. Speech Therapy – services include assessment, diagnosis and speech and language training
05 Sep 2019 15:06
This department is responsible for probviding following services: Special education program for children with autism, aged 3-5 and 6-15 years Special education program for children with intellectual disabilities, aged 3-5 and 6-15 years Learning development program with movement activities
05 Sep 2019 14:55
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