Seminar for preparation of the psychologists and area main coordinators of Department of Mental Health for data collection under the 2016 Thailand survey project of school-age children’s IQ and EQ situation as well as relevant factors.

        On 17th November, during 8.00 am.-4.00 pm., Rajanukul Institute held a seminar for psychologists and main coordinators of Department of Mental Health who are responsible for their areas at Asia Airport Hotel, Bangkok. The objective of this seminar was to prepare the staff to collect data in the 2016 IQ & EQ situation survey project in the target of school- age children, Thailand.
It was begun with the opening ceremony by Dr.Dusit Likhitpichitkul, the Department of Mental Health consultant, at 8.30 am., followed by his lecture, “The importance of Thailand Intelligence Quotient and Emotional Intelligence Quotient situation”. Then Dr.Janarpar Sookatup, the professional level psychiatrist from Rajanukul Institute, clarified the school- age children’s 2016 IQ & EQ situation survey project, Thailand. After that, Mr.Narongrit Assawaruengpop, a lecturer from Department of Statistics, Faculty of Accountancy and Commerce, Chulalongkorn University gave a lecture, “Guideline for Sampling”.
       In the afternoon, Ms. Vanida Chanintayutthawong, the Rajanukul, the expert level psychologist, gave a lecture, “Guidelines for IQ and EQ data collection from Thai school-age children and relevant factors”. Finally, the meeting for plans of data collection in 13 areas of Thailand was conducted by speakers from Rajanukul Institute.
       This project aims to explore the situation of intelligence level and the emotional intelligence of Thai school- age children and relevant factors. The result of this exploration would be expected to make a strategic planning to promote Thai school-age children’s intelligence and development properly according to their ages in order to make them develop appropriate potential, emotion, and maturity. Therefore, they could grow to be quality citizen in the future.
There were 70 participants in total comprised of psychologists, main coordinators from Mental Health Center No.1-13 and staff of Department of Mental Health.

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