Department of Mental Health recommened consuming media with consciousness help reducing stress

text-align: justify;         Dr.Jessada Chokdamrongsuk, Director of Department of Mental Health mentioned about blasting at Ratchaprasong intersection that there are many news, information, images or rumors spreading over various medium, especially on the internet that might cause anxiety and paranoid to public due to their perception of insecurity. Since these medium cause news consumers or followers misunderstanding, stress and anxiety, therefore, to reduce anxiety, he suggested that all people should be conscious and be careful in following news and information from various medium especially in social media. The consumers should check news and information from many sources and avoid believing immediately if there are not obvious references. The news and information consumers should judge and believe based on reason, fact, and possibility of events. They should look around the situations, not panic and analyze the situation carefully because there are facts, rumors and hoaxes propagated together. Therefore, we should gently consider, not jump into conclusion because it will increase stress and anxiety. All people must receive information from reliable persons or check with related governments to relieve anxiety. They also should organize a group of people for surveillance and screening various news and information to correct perception and understanding on the news and information based on facts. In case of sharing or spreading the information, everyone have to pay very high attention on contents and consider if the information is useful for public or not. Moreover, everyone should respect the right of affected, deceased, injured people from the incidence by avoid sharing the images without source or share the losses repeatedly because that will worsen the situation.

text-align: justify;          Nevertheless, people should not consume too much news and information because it will lead to stress and related symptoms for instance, unable to sleep, headache, stomachache, anxiety. Therefore, people should avoid receiving too much news and information by engaging in relaxing activities which starts with setting conscious, determining breathing, taking a deep and slow breathe in and out repeatedly until they feel relaxed and taking an adequate sleep or talking with close friends. Moreover, people can have free consultation with Mental Health hotline (1323) for 24 hours or receive nation wide services from government sectors of Department of Mental Health. 

text-align: justify;           Department of Mental Health is preparing Mental Health Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team (MCATT) to evaluate the effects and treat mentally victims appropriately and immediately to prevent long-term trauma, especially in injured people and those who loss persons in their families. Additional progression will be further informed.

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