Rajanukul Institute organized mindfulness development for children through 5 senses activities in community to celebrate National Mental Health Week in the year 2015

          During 3rd-6th November, 2015, the Communication and Technolology Department together with multidisciplinary team of Rajanukul Institute organized mindfulness development through 5 senses for children activities. There were many children and people from Bangrak District and the clients of Rajanukul institute joined these activities. They were students from Wat Muang-Khaeschool, Ar-Thorn Suksa school, Assumption Bangrak School, Wat Suan-Ploo School, Wat Khaew-Jam-Pha School, and the people who received services at the out patient department at the 1st floor of the Out Patient Building, Rajanukul Institute.
       The mindfulness development through 5 senses for children is composed of 5 elements. The first one is Mindfulness Sight which is used to develop mindfulness through sense of seeing, hand muscle controlling, and eyes coordination to paint.The second one is Mindfulness Touch that uses touching, picking stuff, and shape predicting to develop the mindfulness. Mindfulness Sound is the third process to develop mindfulness which uses the ear sensation to listen to different sounds, then analyses and convey narrative what is heard. The fourth one is Mindfulness taste which uses the taste sensation (tongue) to taste, analyses, and expresses feeling after tasting. The final process is Mindfulness Scent that uses smelling (nose sensation) to analyze and identify the odors and connects with the past experience. If it is a dangerous smell, the children should stay away from that area. These are important skills the parents and teachers should introduce to children and train them in order to make their brains developed properly according to their ages.
        On 4th November, 2015, there was a Yoga Activity at Rajanukul rehabilitation Center (Muang- Khae). Ms.Petcharat  Korn-A-NanSiri, an expert in Yoga training came to demonstrate mindfulness practice by concentration on breathing and muscle relaxation by Yoga. She had also suggested simple techniques for the participants to continue practicing at homes.

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