The Project “Reading Volunteers for Therapy”


     On Sunday 27 th September, 2015 from 8.30 to 12.00 am, the department of social work held the project “Reading Volunteers for Therapy” which was the 7th event of this project in the 6th year. It was held at Shin Soponpanich Meeting Hall at the 4th floor of Out Patient Building of Rajanukul Institute. There were 30 families came to join the activity. It was the last activity in this year. There were many supports from Rajanukul alliances. The MOMMY PUPPET Team, Ma ma Kam,  performed “ Panic-stricken rabbit” puppet of which the children enjoyed it much. There was also “Tales Talent Stage” where the children and their families shared storytelling to others. Moreover, the “Tales Can Help” parents group of Rajanukul Institute demonstrated bedtime storytelling to use it as a developmental promotion tools.
      For the participated families, they would get new tales and souvenirs to empower them in using tales with other members in families. After the project finished, all the families that joined this project concluded what they got in the past year and gave suggestions to the organizers for the improvement in the next year.
        See you soon in the 7th year of the project “Reading Volunteers for Therapy”. For more information, please visit หรือ

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